Project partners

ProEduca, Czech Republic

As a leading partner of the project and a designer of the original idea of this project, ProEduca works in direction of promoting, supporting and developing the idea of age management in the Czech national environment in various activities and projects. This intention reflects the current state of the art in the Czech Republic, the opportunity to help fulfilling the national strategy currently being put into practice which there is a big demand for the products like the ones being designed in this project. ProEduca’s staff members belong to the few of the certified age management auditors in the Czech Republic and they are being prepared to be also certified age management advisors.

Archivio della Memoria, Italy

Archivio della Memoria will participate and support the project through its expertise gained in the last twenty years of work in the field of qualitative research and in surveys related to the target group of the elderly. With the experience gained will provide methodologies, approaches and solutions in all the design phases and in particular in the realization of the Intellectual Outputs, carrying out its tasks related to the implementation of preliminary research and then realize the content related to the formative aspects of the project.
Archivio della Memoria will also support the project with all its knowledge related to dissemination and communication to maximize the dissemination of project results to the educational and labour sector.

SCC Sastamala Community College, Finland

With non-formal and informal training we can address the following topics in particular: vocational skills (such as IT and ICT skills and language skills), perceived health and work ability (for example keep-fit and physical exercise classes) and health-related behavior (well-being classes, healthy eating, relaxation methods). Furthermore, the college classes often add to social well-being of a person. This supports local entrepreneurship and companies as well as associations and societies within their context, supporting occupational health and as result enabling age management.

ASIE, Romania

One of the main value ASIE is working with is preventing age discrimination and promoting public awareness and campaigns on sustaining old people to integrate actively in the society and live a fulfilling life. In this project, ASIE will bring its expertise in working with elderly and also its local good connections with other NGOs, key people and organizations interested in age management approaches and practices. Age management is still a very new concept in Romanian practices at all levels and moreover, the macro policies are unfriendly regarding active ageing.

Frauenberatungsstelle Oberpullendorf, Austria

FBST has created a strong regional network with all “players” who are working, researching, guiding, counseling, offering all kind of services to keep older people in job, to qualify them, to strengthen them in many ways. This expertise we are bringing to the MASTERCLASS project as well as our unique service for companies: we frequently visit them, ask about their needs regarding staff, try to implement internships or even new jobs. Thereby we are in constant dialogue with the local economy.
We will bring in well experienced staff to emphasize the significance of the project and its outcomes for the target group, the stakeholders and our area.