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The Solaris project (Solutions to Age-Related Issues in the Education Sector) has developed a comprehensive set of introductory training materials. These materials are tailored for use by educators of all types and provide essential information on age management within educational settings. While it is recommended to go through them sequentially, you can also use them independently.

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Module 1

Introduction to the Age Management in School Education

Module 1 introduces holistic age management to strategically address challenges and opportunities in an ageing workforce.

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Module 2

Age Related Issues Occurring In The Education Sector

Module 2 examines senior teachers’ challenging educational challenges. The programme recognizes the importance of managing administrative, teaching, and non-teaching workloads.

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Module 3

Decision Making Process in Seeking Solutions to Age-Related Issues in Schools

Module 3 provides a detailed overview of decision-making in educational contexts relevant to age-related difficulties.

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Module 4

Good Practices for Age Management

Module 4 focuses on the definitions, concepts and case studies of good practices that teachers from a wide range of educational backgrounds could use in order to improve the effectiveness of age-sensitive conditions and address them in the workplace.

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Module 5

Age Management Strategies in Schools

Module 5 explores valuable insights and effective strategies for managing the age-related dynamics and challenges faced by teachers in educational settings.

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Module 6

The Implementation of Age-Friendly Measurement Tools in Schools

Module 6 includes explanations about the implementation of age friendly measurement tools in schools regarding the knowledge and tools to facilitate the adoption of age management in schools.

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State of the Art in Selected EU Countries: Age Management in Education

Examples of Age Management

Age-Related Challenges in European Education Systems: Qualitative Analysis and Research Report

Age-Related Challenges in European Education Systems: Curriculum

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