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Module 1: Introduction to the Age Management in School Education

Holistic age management to strategically address challenges and opportunities in an ageing workforce.

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Module 2: Age Related Issues Occurring In The Education Sector

Senior teachers’ challenging educational challenges and the importance of managing administrative, teaching, and non-teaching workloads.

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Module 3: Decision Making Process in Seeking Solutions to Age-Related Issues in Schools

Decision-making in educational contexts relevant to age-related difficulties.

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Module 4: Good Practices for Age Management

Definitions, concepts and case studies of good practices to improve the effectiveness of age-sensitive conditions in the workplace.

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Module 5: Age Management Strategies in Schools

Valuable insights and effective strategies for managing the age-related dynamics and challenges faced by teachers in educational settings.

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Module  6: The Implementation of Age-Friendly Measurement Tools in Schools

The implementation of age friendly measurement tools in schools regarding the knowledge and tools to facilitate the adoption of age management in schools.

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