Universidade Atlântica

Universidade Atlântica

Status: Higher Education Institute

Interviewee: Carlos Guillen, President of Teaching, Research and Administration

Country: Portugal

Modern Teaching Approaches • Age Impact • Sustaining Motivation • Innovation in Education


Use your experience as a teacher to improve the way you teach.

Add excitement and fresh thoughts to how you teach.

Fight for better help and acknowledgment for teachers.

Develop the ability to bounce back from difficulties and improve oneself.

Welcome and accept the changes happening in the field of education. Move away from traditional methods and approaches.

Is Age Affecting Higher Education? Insights from Carlos Guillen, President of EIA S.A.

Delve into the age-related challenges impacting the educational sector, not just in Atlântica but nationally and across Europe. Carlos Guillen, President of EIA S.A., offers valuable insights into how age management is shaping teaching practices in an evolving educational landscape.

How Does Tradition Impact the Age Dynamics in Portuguese Universities?

Transitioning to the impact of traditional practices, Carlos Guillen explains how these deeply rooted traditions affect the faculty composition and teaching approaches, particularly for senior professors, thereby shedding light on age dynamics within Portuguese universities.

How is EIA S.A Adapting Pedagogy for a Modern Teaching Environment?

Shifting our focus to EIA S.A., we explore their innovative strategies in striking a balance between preserving experience and adopting modern pedagogical approaches. Carlos Guillen elaborates on how they harmonise traditional teaching methods with the demands of contemporary education, providing valuable insights into age management.

What Initiatives is Atlântica University Taking to Empower Future Educators?

Now, let's shift our attention to Atlântica University and discover their forward-thinking initiatives aimed at empowering the next generation of educators and professionals. Carlos Guillen shares insights into how these initiatives ensure a seamless transition from student to academia, offering a fresh perspective on age management in education.

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