VET High School: Spain

Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Luis Braille

Status: VET High School

Country: Spain

Retirement Planning • Reduced Teaching Hours
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Time for age management planning is limited, so there is no strict plan in place. However, general guidelines exist which offer advice on administrative issues and guidance for incoming teachers.

Teacher challenges include very large groups of students and teacher absences.

To overcome age related challenges, monitoring, evaluation, and research should be implemented.

Strategies for maintaining both physical and intellectual capacity include pursuing degrees of study, carrying out self-observation and self analysis.


Full Interview

What other measures do you think could or should be implemented to address this retirement problem?

I believe that retirement preparation measures are now being put in place, although nothing more than retirement readiness. I have no information on how this program is working. But it is true that these programs could include information about the processes and conditions for retirement.

For example, I have a person who is fifty-nine, or fifty-eight years old, and is planning to retire and is entering a process of preparing for retirement, a process of information gathering and counselling to find out what are the best situations and then what is the best stage of life for the person to choose retirement. 

Conditions can be created, perhaps as they are done in different sectors, situations prior to retirement to ease the workload through a reduction of working hours. 

Imagine that you are fifty-eight years old and you are thinking of retiring at 63 years of age, this decrease in working hours measure would be perfect for you to enter into a process of reducing the working day, which does not imply a reduction in salary, because that would be a disincentive to prepare for retirement, 

This process of reducing the working day you could share your experience with young teachers, because via this process you could enter into a line of exit, of activity, and I know that there are programs that are based on that, what I do not know are concrete results and experiences.

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