Project outputs

We plan to design and create two distinct intellectual outputs in this project:  


The examples will come from the companies in all partner countries where the age management has been implemented and where it is functioning with the visible benefits for the company and community. We plan to collect 25+ examples that will be divided according to their origin, area of impact, target age considered etc. Each example will be described according to the scheme (unified for all examples) with focus on reflecting those problem areas that will be required by the end users the most (this information will come from the survey among the end users).

Do you know about examples within your professional network that are worth sharing? Please, read more here!


As each example of good practice will bring a genuine set of conditions under which the company had to take decisions, the example itself will represent a unique learning material for the potential end user, which will be either the age management advisor right in the company management system or a trainer (in-company trainer working with the employees or the VET teachers/trainers working with the students and learners in the educational courses they will provide). As such the recommendation will provide the insight into the decision making and problem solving processes of the real companies.

Project outputs will be abailable as an open source in  December 2020.